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Ugly Frog Interactive was founded over a decade ago to offer custom software development. The company has expanded to provide services beyond its original charter, and now in addition to School Administration programs and custom software, Ugly Frog offers Translation, Transcription, Writing Services, and Photography.   

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What can we do for you?

Ugly Frog offers a variety of products and services! Some products, like our stock photography, are available for purchase on various online outlets. We'd love to discuss your needs to determine if our custom products and services are right for you! Send inquiries to    

  • Translation 

    We have been providing German - English and English - German translation services for over ten years now. This is what our customers have to say:

    “Great work delivered promptly.”
    O.P., Vienna, Austria 

     “UFI handled my German-to-English translation job and translated a complete book for me. It was a pleasure working and communicating with UFI. She always kept me up to date, reached all the milestones ahead of time (even though they were spaced very ambitiously and tightly), and the translation quality was SUPERB. In fact, before I hired her, I compared sample translations of about 10 applicants. UFI's translation far outshined all the other ones -- including those of professional translators and translators with far higher bids. If you're looking for a German-to-English translation that is free of fluff and sounds natural, I highly recommend you hire UFI...”
    Leonard, Germany

  • Transcription

    We also offer translation services as part of transcriptions, in particular, medical transcriptions. English-English transcriptions are available as well. Here is what our customers have to say:

    “She is a punctual, responsive, extremely able and efficient transcriber who produces quality work.”
    Robyn H., ProTranscript 

  • Writing

    We provide both Creative Writing and Nonfiction services. Send your requirements to to receive a quote for stories, articles, or a series of articles. We can deliver high quality original writing, ghostwriting, and proofreading services to meet your needs. Here is what our customers are saying:

    “Very creative”
    Dr. Janet C., New Jersey, USA 

     “Work was done in a timely fashion, on budget and in a personable and professional manner. I recommend this author!”

     “Quick and responsive. Will continue to use Kirsten to keep our work free of snafus! Thanks!”
    D., Georgia, USA

    Published Writing:  

    - Living Life Large and Loving It

  • Parent Teacher Conference Scheduling Software

     This software allows parents to schedule their conferences online for up to five of their children. Parents need to know the name of the teachers they wish to meet with and can then select as many or as few as they would like and which of their children they wish to discuss with those teachers. The software optimizes the parent's schedule to minimize waiting times between appointments and walking distances. Parents may specify a starting time for their conferences. Once a schedule is created, parents receive an e-mail confirmation and can edit their schedule should they need to make changes.

    The administrative tool allows the school to set up conference times, set break times, change teacher availability and automatically send out each teacher's schedule to them via e-mail



  • School Registration Software

    This software allows parents to schedule a registration time online along with a request for an interpreter.




  • Custom Software

    For custom software services, please contact us at





Photography & Pottery

Stock Photography by our founder, Kirsten Kohlwey, is now available on several sites. Pottery by Kirsten is also available for purchase!






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